Sunday, October 20, 2013

Unsentimental, driving around

Top-American Apparel skirt is thrifted along with the shoes tights are stolen from my mom

Shoes and sweater are thrifted, jumper is forever 21
Dress is forever 21, tights are joe, shoes are thrifted
Necklace was a gift from my neighbor
Top was a gift, skirt is American apparel, tights are forever 21 and shoes are docs.

I was sososo happy when I found this in HMV yesterday
I found some glitter stars
I also made a moodboard:

So yeah basically you should just ignore that I hated blogging, I'm actually back into it, I was feeling rather uninspired and sad, so I'm gonna try to get back to a fairly consistent pace. I hope it sticks. I've been forcing myself to do a little journal entry every day, whether it be in writing, collaged or drawn. It helps. Also I've been really getting into women's rights lately, I'm going to take a women's studies course in university, which I am super excited for.


  1. Love your outfits as alwaysss, especially the red plaid dress!! Yay for mvotc!!! And your mood boards are great :~) <3

  2. ah! Those cloud photos are perffff!

  3. YOUR BLOG IS SO PERFECT, I could look through all your posts all day long, I kid you not

  4. i'm so into all of these pictures, into that vibe you're kind of adorable


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