Wednesday, October 9, 2013

There we could be dancing and you'd smile and say I like this song

Animal Collective-In the Flowers
I felt witchy today and wore this thrifted skirt and lacy top

 Sad girl I drew

My cactus I painted

Self portrait kinda?
Pics from my room

My messy art area
This is my mom in the 80s. She was covered in mud for art and I think it's kinda cool
I'm super sorry for the lack of posting lately, I just can't find good things to blog about. I might just quit blogging altogether because it's just not enjoyable anymore, I don't know.


  1. everything about this is wonderful, and anco :---) <33333

  2. Wow your mum!!! I love the things mums did before they were mums, like one of my friends recently told me her mum was in a production of the rocky horror picture show and I was like ahhhsudheiafeje.
    I so so so knw the feeling of blogging being un enjoyable, I just took a massive break from it and now I feel good.


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