Sunday, March 10, 2013


So, today, March 10th is my official blogiversary! I was just looking at some of the outfits from last year and things, and they were, erm, interesting.

So, after putting up my poll, it seems that most of you are interested in seeing my art, so here is a huge post of collages, paintings, and drawings. Enjoy!

Some watercolour/inks

Some Collages from about a year ago:

Just some marker doodles from about a year ago:

David Bowie Painting:

My letter to Malala that was on Rookie:
More watercolors

More collages

Some pencil drawings I do for art class:


More collagey type things:

And some stuff from my Moleskine, crappy quality courtesy of my webcam:

Thanks for looking, reading & commenting!



  1. These are amazing! Wish I could do stuff like that
    Love your blog :-)
    Aoife xx

  2. I absolutely adore your watercolor portraits. I also love the 'I want to know what it feels like to be in love' drawing and the black and white photos which you have drawn on-great selection of people, I must say. The Debbie Harry one is my fave. xxxx

  3. my eyes are disentegrating from the awesomeness overload. that Morrissey one is my absolute favourite. and the second one you did for art class. CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR BLOGGERVERSAY!!!!!!!! I SPELT THAT WRONG!!! hurrah!!!

    those space collages rock my socks off!!!

  4. You are so talented! You literally deserve a place on Rookie just for your stuff


  5. Happy blog birthday! I really love the collages you create - they are so colorful and quirky and beautiful!


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