Saturday, March 30, 2013

Home Sweet Home I've Been Away for too Long

Top-gift  jacket-DIY  skirt-Vero-I got it on my break in Canmore  shoes-thrifted


Skirt pattern

 So um hi! Sorry for the break in my 'constant' blogging. I went on spring break last week, so I wasn't able to upload pictures or anything. We went to Canmore (near Banff) , which is in Alberta out West to do some spring skiing! It was awesome, and much warmer than Manitoba! We skied at a hill called Sunshine, and it was gorgeous! I loved it. I've been skiing there for about 10 years now I guess, and we haven't been back for two years, so it was nice to be back again! The two day drive was worth it. What made it bearable was lots of books, my iPod and many movies along with seasons 1, 3 and 4 of Parks and Rec.  Anyways, here are some gorgeous pictures I took while there!

In Sunshine

Near Canmore





Okay mountain spam over! Bye!


Saturday, March 16, 2013

High School was a different game

shirt-gift  cardigan & skirt are thrifted, joe tights, docs

eye necklace from GRG

Chiffon yay

I was in a jeans mood, so I wore this. It's not very exciting, but whatever. Top is joe, jeans are F21, and top is DIY'd.

And, it is still winter here. And it is -18 degrees today. And I have been sick with a cold for the last week, which the weather has NOT been helping at all. Despite the coldness, I still think it's pretty.

Yours Alone by the Dum Dum Girls


Sunday, March 10, 2013


So, today, March 10th is my official blogiversary! I was just looking at some of the outfits from last year and things, and they were, erm, interesting.

So, after putting up my poll, it seems that most of you are interested in seeing my art, so here is a huge post of collages, paintings, and drawings. Enjoy!

Some watercolour/inks

Some Collages from about a year ago:

Just some marker doodles from about a year ago:

David Bowie Painting:

My letter to Malala that was on Rookie:
More watercolors

More collages

Some pencil drawings I do for art class:


More collagey type things:

And some stuff from my Moleskine, crappy quality courtesy of my webcam:

Thanks for looking, reading & commenting!