Monday, October 22, 2012

Pretty In Pink

top-F21  skirt-??  tights-F21  shoes-Urban Planet

Those bottles are from a Japanese restaurant and you open them with a marble and it fizzes all over!

I was painting in the summer and when I washed the brushes it looked really pretty in the sink.

And when I DRAINED the sink, there were these streaks of paint left over. It was pretty cool.

Yeah. I edited these on Pic Monkey. Today It was an interesting day. My friend and I practiced bitchfacing in Geo. It was fun. We laughed for like 10 minutes. I was so happy to see that my collage for Malala made it on Rookie! It's #141, in case you were wondering. I really hope she pulls through! She was walking last week, so I guess she's improving! Go Malala!


  1. Love the outfit! Those tights are so great! I loved looking through those Malala cards, it's so amazing that Rookie did that.


  2. Awesome! The photos are prettyful :) My rookie one was number 60-something... It was the one with the hands? yeah. :)


  3. So pretty I love your outfit !
    Also I saw your rookie collage, it was awesome :)

  4. YES! i was so excited when I saw yours and other blogging people's collages!!!! that photo of you are your ukulele is magical!! I wish I had a good quality one like that:)


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