Friday, October 12, 2012

And now we Ride the Circus Wheel

Hi there! So today I have for you an outfit and a DIY that is kind of simple, but that's ok.

Collar-DIY  Sweater and skirt-Hand me down  tights-Urban Outfitters

And now, for something completely different!

Jar Thing DIY
SO I present to you I DIY on how to make cute little boxy jar things.


You Will Need:
-Some sort of tub/box thing. I use ones from the Body Shop that are empty and WASHED OUT.
-Glue Gun
-Glue (Mod Podge works best)
-An old paintbrush
-Sequins and whatnot
-Pipe Cleaners (I like the sparkly ones!)

Step 1: Clean out the inside of your containery thing and peel off the label.

Step 2: Add your glitter

Step 3: Spread glitter evenly and in the same direction.

It should look like this. Don't worry if the glitter begins to spread apart and make gaping holes, it looks fine in the end, and you can always cover it with sequins.

Step 4: Add your FANCY EMBELLISHMENTS. This is where you can really GET YOUR CREATIVE THINKING CAPS ON because no matter what you do with gems and sequins, it looks cool.

Step 5: Use your hot glue gun to apply the pipe cleaner.

Step 6: Once the glitter has dried (About a day), add Mod Podge to ensure that the sequins are stuck on, and it just adds protection for the glitter.
The finished product!

 For one with pictures: (This is basically like a box with a collage on it)

Step 1: Add the pipe cleaner, cover the top with Mod Podge

Step 2: Add your background

Step 3: Add your picture
Step 4: Add your pretty ~EMBELLISHMENTS~ and paint over with a layer of mod podge!

 Ones I've Made:

I know the Smiths one looks all smeary, but that's just the light, I SWEAR!
And then you can put stuff in them like barrettes and earrings and stuff. WOW that took a long time.


  1. AW, brilliant, though NOWHERE SELLS MODPODGE EVER NEAR ME :(

    1. omg same here it's depressing.
      love the outfit Maren, and the diy's are so cute!

  2. What a great DIY! I love how they sort of look like little cupcakes from the top :)
    Seems like a fun project for a rainy day


  3. this is actually a really excellent diy, something almost impossible to mess up, which is a good sign for me:) i especially like the smiths one.
    and that modpodge stuff, well i have never heard of that, its probably something STUPID australia doesn't sell!!!!!!!!!

  4. awesome outfit! I love this DIY it'S so cute and I've got nothing to do, so I'll probably do this today. :)

  5. Such neat little boxes, I am so going to make some for my jewellery!


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