Saturday, September 8, 2012

I wake up In my makeup it's too early for that dress


top-F21  skirt-GRG  sweater-hand me down  tights-F21  shoes-thrifted docs

Top-gift from a friend-it's beemo from adventure time!  skirt-thrifted  tights-urban outfitters  shoes-docs

diy'd collar

dress-hand me down  tights-urban outfitters  shoes-brash  necklace-great great Grandmother's

My Great Great Grandmother's necklace

Back to Reality
Faces unfamiliar
Faces familiar
Faces that don't care about me
They know who I am
I know who they are
Some I've known since kindergarten
But I changed.
So that makes me uncool
And they would never talk to me
Never call to hang out
Is being different a crime?
Now people barely talk to me.
The idea to them is unfathomable.
Just because I wear a skirt means you can't speak to me?
Some are unfazed
And see no difference in me.
I thought people were used to me now.
I guessed wrong.
I've never been "cool"
And I understand in a haze of hollister and aeropostale I never will be.
I guess I'm just a nobody.

So I'm back at school. Unfortunately. I decided to start listening to Hole again, which I haven't done in months. It's nice.


  1. I love your outfits. You are really one of the more creative, lovely bloggers out there!! Also thank YOU that I am on your cool people tag!! You are also really rad!! Did you write that poem?? if so you write amazingly and honestly and I love it....

  2. DUUUUDE OMG!!! I love love love love love both your tights!! So pretty oh my god!!!! And I love your bejeweled collar! Super cute to the extreme!!

    xx Eva

  3. Adorable collar!

  4. You have got to have one of the coolest collections of tights ever!

  5. I like all the outfits! The first one looks pretty awesome especially, but the second one has cool tights, ah well they all rock. The collar though, is wonderful. LOVE IT.

    Good luck with school. ;)

  6. Waw, I love the second outfit... I love your blog too, actually ^^

    /LauraElizabeth (。・ω・。) @
    ♥ Black Velvet Hearts ♥

  7. Great post! I love it! ^^ You have a nice blog, mind to follow each other? :)


  8. omg the adventure time t-shirt !!! perfect

  9. Your BMO outfit is absolutely flawless!
    My sister has that shirt, I think you've just inspired me to borrow it :)
    Adventure Time FTW!
    Your blog is lovely, I followed.



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