Sunday, September 23, 2012

I am A Vampire and I have lost my Fangs again

Hello people who read my blog. I apologise for my frequent absences. I have been very busy with school and whatnot. It was my birthday ( which I share with AMY POEHLER from Parks and Rec) last Sunday and I went shopping with my mummy dearest and two friends. Then on Wednesday I left for a four day bike trip for grade tens elevens and twelves with my school. We stayed in tents for three chilly nights. We had all kinds of weather. It rained, hailed and even snowed. It was fun though. I think I'll probably go next year as well. Anyways, I am here sitting in my living room with my parents because it is my daddykins birthday today and we are having chicken enchiladas soon. Here are some of the presents I got last week: (sorry some of them are the wrong way, I have no idea why.)
A Ukulele! It's so much fun!

A Simon & Garfunkel tape

Just Kids by Patti Smith

The complete Weetzie Bat series

A thingy with pictures of the Beatles and stories and stuff.

It's a funny little quote!

Season 3 of Parks and Rec, Marie Antoinette and the Royal Tenenbaums

I just love all of their expressions!

All of the stickers are so neat and beautiful and I don't really want to use any of them because they are too awesome.
 And I've been making some collages too:


And My Mummy darling found a Dali calendar at her school, along with a cool poster that was a Rookie background one day:

And I FINALLY hung this poster from the Walker in Minneapolis:

And last but not least, what I wore today:

jacket and skirt-hand me downs  tights- F21  top and docs- thrifted

And I brushed my hair and put a barrette in it and felt like Margot Tenenbaum.



  1. Happy Birthday!! I love that first collage with the people in the boat. Looks like you got some great gifts :)


  2. Happy Birthday for last Sunday~! I hope that you had a great day. Your collages and outfit are lovely.

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, This is all too much to process but all amazing, so many lovely things here!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! or Land zal zij leefen as they say in dutch!!!! You have the most amazing collages... WHY ARE YOU SO TALENTED?!?!!?! Anyways what I wanted to tell you is that I'm doing a Give Away over at my blog (the and there are clothes and necklaces and pins and other shtuff... I would be honored if you entered!!! Please go check it out... eheheh

    these are actually the BEST presents ever.
    Ukuleles are pure awesomeness.


  6. love your outfit. great style. I found your blog on tavi's blog and I love it! please check out mine :)
    xx gabi


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