Friday, August 31, 2012

David Bowie and some other stuff

Hi! Remember me? Maren? I used to blog here alot. But alas, it was summer. I was busy swimming and travelling and doing things at camp. Yes, I returned from art camp last week and it was SO much fun! I made a friend (YAY!) and I painted David Bowie! We did some other stuff, but painting was my favourite.

We had to choose a person who we admired, like a celebrity or a singer. It was funny because someone would come over to me and say, "who's that?" I would say, "David Bowie." to which the response was, "who's that?". Then I would go and see what other people were doing, and say "who's that?" "oh it's (insert name of pop star here)" and then I'd say, "who's that?" . Hee heeee. Yeah, I had a REALLY good time! It was so fun!

And then this week I am helping my mom organize an art room at the school she teaches at! Her boss told me that anything I wanted, I could have! So naturally I brought a huge box home.

flowers, disco ball and lace

glitter spray, glitter glue and mod podge


beads and rhinestones!
In other news, I chopped more than half of my hair off! (Actually, my hairdresser did, not me.)

And I'm getting total kind of 90's grunge vibes here, don't you agree? ( the photo is all grainy, i don't know why.)
Top- hand me down skirt-thrifted  boots-brash

 And school starts on Thursday. Bye bye summer. :(


  1. Your summer sounded awesome and I like your haircut :)

  2. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME HAIR AWESOME PAINTING!!!! Good god I do not want to go back to school.


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