Friday, August 31, 2012

David Bowie and some other stuff

Hi! Remember me? Maren? I used to blog here alot. But alas, it was summer. I was busy swimming and travelling and doing things at camp. Yes, I returned from art camp last week and it was SO much fun! I made a friend (YAY!) and I painted David Bowie! We did some other stuff, but painting was my favourite.

We had to choose a person who we admired, like a celebrity or a singer. It was funny because someone would come over to me and say, "who's that?" I would say, "David Bowie." to which the response was, "who's that?". Then I would go and see what other people were doing, and say "who's that?" "oh it's (insert name of pop star here)" and then I'd say, "who's that?" . Hee heeee. Yeah, I had a REALLY good time! It was so fun!

And then this week I am helping my mom organize an art room at the school she teaches at! Her boss told me that anything I wanted, I could have! So naturally I brought a huge box home.

flowers, disco ball and lace

glitter spray, glitter glue and mod podge


beads and rhinestones!
In other news, I chopped more than half of my hair off! (Actually, my hairdresser did, not me.)

And I'm getting total kind of 90's grunge vibes here, don't you agree? ( the photo is all grainy, i don't know why.)
Top- hand me down skirt-thrifted  boots-brash

 And school starts on Thursday. Bye bye summer. :(

Saturday, August 18, 2012

I Can't think of a good TITLE.

Why hey there! Thanks for poppin' in! Obviously, I'm back from my trip. We went to Minneapolis! It was sooooo much fun! I got some new clothes and shoes and stuff. We also went to the Walker Art Museum! It had a thing on about the 80's! I got a pin and 2 cool posters! Here's what I saw!

I got a poster of this one!!!

So that was fun! We also went to The Mall of America (duh) and I hit shops like Urban Outfitters which we don't have. When I was in there, I got THESE!!!

THEY ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! I love them SOOOO much!

And THEN we went to a Goodwill store and.........

DOCS FOR $ 4.99!!!!!!!! I was SO happy when I found these! IN the 1st picture the reason there aren't any laces is because I polished them and am looking for nicer laces because the other ones were crap and were fraying and stuff. THATZ ALL FOLKZ.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

And We'll Meet on a Cloud

I have really been neglecting this blog, haven't I? Sorry bout that. It's summer! I've been busy. Anyways, I have a lot to tell. First, some outfits.

top and skirt-thrifted  shoes-Street Society

top- hand me down  skirt-F21  Shoes-Docs

Which one do you like better? My camera decided to go all funky and make it yellow and fuzzy I think it looks kinda cool.

Top-Parisian  Shorts-F21  shoes- Joe
So. There are my outfits. HEY LOOK AT THIS! IN # 40, there is someone with the same name as me! So cool! The only other Maren I've EVER met was in a Safeway. And pic #1 is of Charlotte and Gwen! So cool, yet again! Anyways, I've been doing some stuuufffff lately, like watching the Olympics! I like Synchronized swimming and Gymnastics because of the makeup and outfits. I have also been makin' stuff, LIKE THIS:


Rose Crown!

I bejewelled my cat-eye sunglasses!

Top row: Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots by the Flaming Lips, Funeral by Arcade Fire
Bottom row: In the Aeroplane Over the Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel, Abbey Road by the Beatles
I've been DYING to make this shirt for like, EVER. You have to buy special paper at Fabricland that you can print pictures on and then iron on the picture! I think I might make a Hole one soon. Anyways, we might be going on a mini road trip next week, so I'll be away for a bit! Bye!