Sunday, July 8, 2012


HI. I HAVE A LEGIT EXCUSE OK??? I was at my cottage from Saturday to Wednesday, I went shopping on Thursday and yesterday and on Friday I went to the WINNIPEG FOLK FESTIVAL!!!!!!!!! It was SO MUCH FUN. I saw some great bands, ate food, and left my sunglasses in a bathroom! Yay! Gone forever. sniffle.
I wore this yesterday:

Hat- L.A. Express  Top-GRG  Random tank top  Skirt- F21  Shoes-Expression

 And I saw creepy little knomies!

Oh, and you may not be able to see but the one in front with the red hat has a FEMINISIM SYMBOL!!!!!! EEEE!

This one is BY FAR the creepiest.

And I got a new ARCADE FIRE CD!!! Neon Bible.
Hee hee REMINDER: Paint nails.

It came with 2 little flip books!

People drowning?

Neon bible

And I had ice cream on the way home yesterday! Yum YUM. And Dad's foot, you don't know how to photo bomb properly.


  1. I love your maxi dress with the sun hat. And those indeed are some pretty creepy, almost satanic, gnomes!
    The Undercover Dress-Up Lover x

  2. That sounds so fun! Music festivals are always so great. I love those little gnomes you saw! So cute. That ice cream looks so good, oh my god.

    Love your blog!
    xx Eva

  3. You look lovely, and the gnomes are terrifying!!

  4. your outfit is rockin! i love the gnomes, so cool and creepy;D


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