Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Couple of Kooks

NOTE: Before I begin, I will kindly ask people to stop tagging me for things. I really do not like them (the tags, not the people!) and if you ask me to do one, I won't. Thank you!

Now, on with my post! Wow. I have done SO much in the last week since I last posted! I have LOTS of pictures! I went into Winnipeg with my Mommykins and we shopped! yay.

New sunglasses to replace the ones I lost at the Folk Fest and cat eye ones! I think I'm gonna superglue rhinestones on the sides!

 Yay I got Ghost World! I was angry because I got it at Mcnally and then went into Chapters and there was the one with the screenplay for only 10 bucks more than the other one! Oh well. I like this cover better anyways. IF YOU HAVEN'T READ IT, READ IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Another Markus Zusak book! He wrote the book thief, in case ya didn't know!

I love love love Persepolis! It is an AMAZING graphic novel about a woman growing up in Iran.

Yay a David Bowie book! It's basically his life in pictures! I can't wait until the Ziggy Stardust part!

And then when I got home I attempted Milkmaid braids, and failed a few times, but I think it turned out kind of nice.

My cousin gave me a whole bunch of new clothes because she's moving to Boston to go to University. She claimed that she couldn't take everything with her, therefore I get clothes! Yay. The shirt I'm wearing above is from her.

I also made a whole bunch of flower crowns because I FINALLY got some headbands. And on Sunday I got some fabric and made some bows! I'll show you later. Like next week.

And it was our Town's Birthday on Saturday, so the theater group our family is involved in put a float in the parade! We had a hippie van, and all dressed like we were hippies! I glue gunned about 10 looong flower strands to go on the van!

This is what I wore:

dress- F21
And then we had some nice fireworks at night!  I got to see my friend that I haven't seen since school ended because she's a counsellor at a camp down the river.

Ahh, good times. Wow. That took like half an hour to write. Ok then. See ya later!

Monday, July 16, 2012

My Orchid Died.

Yes. It did. BOOHOO. But dats ok because now I get some petals. I was digging around in some boxes downstairs and I found some REALLY cool pieces! The dress is from Forever21, and everything else is from my basement.

Witchy cape!

Super pretty design on the cape

Jacket that's too small

Embroidery on the jacket

AND A SEQUIN COLLAR!!! I need to fix it though because the tie broke off. TO THE SEWING MACHINE!!!

Ok. That's really all I had to say.

Sunday, July 8, 2012


HI. I HAVE A LEGIT EXCUSE OK??? I was at my cottage from Saturday to Wednesday, I went shopping on Thursday and yesterday and on Friday I went to the WINNIPEG FOLK FESTIVAL!!!!!!!!! It was SO MUCH FUN. I saw some great bands, ate food, and left my sunglasses in a bathroom! Yay! Gone forever. sniffle.
I wore this yesterday:

Hat- L.A. Express  Top-GRG  Random tank top  Skirt- F21  Shoes-Expression

 And I saw creepy little knomies!

Oh, and you may not be able to see but the one in front with the red hat has a FEMINISIM SYMBOL!!!!!! EEEE!

This one is BY FAR the creepiest.

And I got a new ARCADE FIRE CD!!! Neon Bible.
Hee hee REMINDER: Paint nails.

It came with 2 little flip books!

People drowning?

Neon bible

And I had ice cream on the way home yesterday! Yum YUM. And Dad's foot, you don't know how to photo bomb properly.