Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sweet Dreams

The state of my room for the past few days
Hi. I am just really bored and don't want to go to school tomorrow so I'm gonna blog. I have been feeling rather crafty so I made things. I was really mad cuz when I went to the closest dollar store to me it was CLOSED FOREVER. I NEEDED GLITTER. Ergy erg. Anyways I watched 500 Days of Summer an hour ago. It was good. Summer made me angry because she totally drove him into misery and stuff.

Sorry bout my last post. I accidentally re-blogged it somehow and it was from like a month ago. GAH.  Totally off topic, but I bought a Bob Marley shirt: (This post is really all over the place)



  1. I love the pretty things you made!! They're amazing! I'm going to make some now. Your Bob Marley shirt is amazing by the way, I love it!

    xx Eva


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