Monday, June 25, 2012

Nothing can mend my teenage heart again

Hello Hello Hello! Wow. Sorry I have abandoned my blog. I have an excuse though! I finished exams on Thursday and then from Friday to Sunday we were visiting my Grandma. So I wasn't just ignoring my blog! I was busy. I really have missed blogging though! This afternoon I'm going to a tea party for a teacher who is leaving this year! The rule was to wear pearls and a fascinator. I have a facinator, except I lost it and now I can't find it. I have lots of pearls, though! Anyways, this is what I'm wearing to it:
Top- Parisian  Skirt- Dressup box downstairs  Shoes- Street Society

I love these new shoes! They are SO comfy, even though they're heels. I rarely wear heels, but these were too cute and I just HAD to get them.

And I'll leave you with my newest obsession, HUNX AND HIS PUNX! They are SO good!


  1. Quite amazing!!
    Follow each other? :)


  2. wow! love this outfit! gorgeous! i want to go to a tea party.

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  4. A tea party sounds like so much fun:) Your shoes are possibly the cutest shoes I have ever seen.

  5. Hi, I nominated you for a small blog award/tag thingy called the Liebster Blog Award! Read about it on my blog!

  6. I love your skirt so much I'm dying! And those shoes are soooo cute! My mom has a pair similar to those, but they are rust colored. I really love them. And OMG Hunx and His Punx, ahh!! I love them! I literally just made a PUNX patch today. HAHP rock!!I like that there was a tea party for you teacher who is leaving, that's really nice!

    xx Eva

  7. Oh my god. Maren I'm so sorry! I totally left that comment on the wrong person's blog! I know who you are and I just copied and pasted my comment wrong. I meant to send it to MARIAN instead of MAREN. That is really embarrassing. :( Please don't hate me!


  8. EEEKKKKK!!! YOU ARE SOO CUTE (can I say that? I mean I think we are, like, almost the same age... heheeeehehe)!!! I love your shoes (where did ya get them???)!!! Again I ask myself why you have to be such a cutie (that sounds creepy but I swear... I guess it was creepy... sorry). Also I adore your skirt (its like puffy and shtuff)!!!


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