Friday, June 1, 2012

Happy friday

Accidental hair show-off :)
So I sewed some little flowers on one of my favourite shirts. I've had this shirt since march, I got it when I went to Fargo. I sewed the flowers on last month. I am really lazy and I am comfy in my chair and I didn't want to get up and upload pictures so I used my web cam instead.

DID YOU HEAR??? ROOKIE IS DOING A TOUR THIS SUMMER IN THE STATES! I WANT TO GOOOOOO!!!! The closest place is Chicago, and I think I have exams when they go. :'( Boo hoo. I am crushed. I WANT TO EAT ICE CREAM WITH TAVI AND PETRA AND ANAHEED AND PETRA'S SISTER AND BOYFRIEND. You have to read the article to get that.
BLEEEEEEEEEEEH. I'm going to go and make things and put them on a string to hang on my ceiling and listen to David Bowie to drown my sorrows.

p.s what could I do to make my blog look less boring? thoughts and suggestions would be rather helpful.


  1. If I was you I'd ditch my exams for rookie. I dont want to encourage cutting school, but ROOKIE!!! I live in stupid ireland, which is stupidly not in america ie. not on rookies tour!
    Cute skirt!!

  2. Awww what a cute shirt, I live in uk too so no Rookie tour but I'd love to go :(


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