Monday, June 4, 2012

Flowers, Flowers Everywhere

Today after school I made some crowns with flowers on them. Yay. I feel creative and happy and rather summer-y.

yay awkward forehead
 The last one is my favourite. Oh ya, this is what I wore today: (I got a new skirt! I thrifted it!)

Sometimes I just don't get people. A few months ago I started dressing "differently" and listening to "different" music. People started to act weird around me. They wouldn't talk to me as much, and some people even don't talk to me at all now. It's really the same Maren. Same personality (crazy!), same ideas, same opinions. Just different clothes and thicker eyeliner. People think that my skirts are suit to be curtains, and that I look "fancy". "Why are you wearing a skirt?" "What's up with the bell-bottoms?" I DRESS THIS WAY BECAUSE I FEEL LIKE IT. Honestly. I think it's also because I go to a very small school and people don't like change. If I went to a school with 500 kids, it would probably go unnoticed. Not that I even want to be noticed. I DON'T! I dress for myself, I wear makeup for myself, and I'm not trying to get attention by wearing flowers atop my head. OPINION. I guess some people think that I want attention, and I want people to look at me. They are completely wrong! A few months ago, I blended in and felt kind of off balanced. Now, I feel right, and I don't really care if you think what I'm wearing is stupid or for attention. I just like it.


  1. Ew that's actually so annoying. I wish us awesome people could just wear and look however we want and not get all this negative, annoying attention. I'm glad you're still dressing for you though!

    I really like your flower crowns! They're super pretty! I've been making a lot of my own crowns lately too, but I ran out of flowers and I'm not sure where to get more, because most places sell them for super expensive prices.

    Love your blog, following!!

    xx Eva

  2. My school has uniform:( it sucks that people think your trying to get attention , they should just understand you're unleashing your inner awesomeness:) cool as flower crowns.

  3. i love your crowns very Rookie-esque.
    Also, I've only really gotten into Arcade fire in the last month or so, so I've only listened to The Suburbs so far. I really like city with no children. I'm letting this album sink in for a while then I'm gonna listen to their older albums. I'm gonna go listen to Rebellion now!

  4. The crowns are super lovely! I like your header with the dolly and book to by the way :)


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