Monday, May 28, 2012


dress-Forever21 tights-smart set shoes- yoki purse-thrifted

I just got this purse on Saturday from Value Village, and I LOVE IT! It was like three bucks!

 See how rooooomy it is?

 I also got some neeew shoes! I love them, they are so nice and light for summer! When I put them on, I thought, wow these are really weightless! Well, I've been wearing docs for about 3 months so it did feel nice.

I also got these orange socks. I'm not too sure what I'll wear with them yet, but I'll figure something out.

YAY. It feels so weird to hear other bloggers talking about exams because mine aren't till the end of June! I'm probably most worried about math because I'm not the best at it. I'm kind of more right brained than left. A few weeks ago we had a career day about construction. I was totally bored by it, but I got a day off, so yay. Apparently after grade 9 you go on one every year. I asked a friend in grade 11 what the others were about and she said they were kind of the same. I really don't understand that because there are  other jobs in the world other than brick layers! I mean, why couldn't we tour an art gallery or an art school? Or even have a a day where we can learn about journalism or teaching or art or design? Gah. This frustrates me! If you could have a whole day devoted to construction, why can't there be one about the arts???

that was my rant for the week.


  1. Love the socks and I know exactly what you mean about the shoes, I live mainly in Docs but they're really too hot for summer and everything else feels so weird!!

  2. that shoes really feel light just looking at it.I love the peter pan collar happening on the dress :D

  3. I'm in love with your lil shoes! How adorable!!! I actually sell socks. haha I'm giving away $10 Voucher for my site, hope you can check it out! X

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