Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The only thing you keep changing is your name

hee hee. did anyone get my ARCADE FIRE reference there??? hmmm? OK then. Anyways, let's just say that I'm really overtired because I had a math test and a first aid exam today and I have piles of math homework due tomorrow and I have to finish 2 yearbook pages by Friday which is really hard because the website won't upload pictures and when it does it takes 20 minutes. Why am I on yearbook? I really don't know. gahbooeekovertired. I finally got my hair done!!!! :) See:

I also finished my home ec project early, so my teacher let me make these from this rookie tutorial!

Yay. I also made a little nature corner on my desk, replacing my collection of old stuff.

Hee hee. Can you see Frida in the left corner? :)

A pin from my cousin's band, Oh My Darling.

Goodbye, see ya latah.


  1. Love the hair and the JARS AWW Hi Frida <3

  2. omg, we have the same hair now :O mine's brown with a blue streak. and i love the beatles.


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