Monday, May 7, 2012

I drove my Chevy to the levy but the levy was dry

Hullo all. I kind of have a blogger slump. I cannot really find anything interesting to blog about except outfits, and that gets a little tedious. I don't really have an exciting life. The title kind of explains me right now. I started a blog, but my brain can't think of anything to blog about. I wore this today:

Top & Belt- thrifted   dress- mom's  shoes- docs
My really cool belt that has elephants and trees on it
dress pattern
Cool ring I got this weekend

bow nails

 I forgot! I made some new collages too.

ballerinas in space!

Just tilt your head a little to the left.....

Right then. Goodbye. 


  1. Your collages are amazing you should create a zine of them.

  2. YOUR COLLAGES = AMAZING!!! really as ^^ said make a zine... I would buy it... these are really rad...Also I really like the skirt you are wearing, it is adorns...

  3. I like your outfit a lot, but your COLLAGES ARE SO AWESOME.

    They totally top all awesome charts. I'm so digging collages right now. AWESOME.

  4. nice bow nails and the dress,really great patterns.
    your belt reminds me of safari. :D

  5. Wow. Your collages are really interesting.
    I really like the dress cut with these boots, make you look badass like if you were a movie character who survived to something on some strange planet and kicked asses (or made chemical weird stuffs.)


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