Friday, April 20, 2012

Said the Optimistic Feminist

Hello there! I haven't really had time to post this week, in between french tests, piano and NCIS. (love that show....) Today I went to the library with my friend. There was this awesome stereotypical old man working there who really needed a hearing aid and took like 5 minutes to type my name into the computer! It was kind of cute though. In an old man sort of way. After that I walked home whilst listening to the Juno soundtrack. I like the music because it is kind of airy sounding and sweet. It was perfect, because in the background I could hear some birds singing above me! It was really pretty and just added to the whole soundtrack.  Anyways, I got home and took some pictures of what I wore today! Ta-da!

Cardigan- Dynamite  Top- hand-me-down  Skirt-American Apparel  Tights-Target  Shoes-Converse 

Polka dot tights!!! Yes I know I have an ugly carpet...
I love this outfit, it's so comfy. My jacket I call my Lindsay Weir jacket because it's kind of like her army jacket, except mine's thinner and beige. It's really nice and soft, and I like how it's kind of baggy. I got those Converse when I was down in the States, and they were on sale for 20 bucks! They're a size too big, but whatever. I just lace them up really tight. Ya. Um. Sooo. Bye!



  1. Your outfit is really cute and also I love the Juno soundtrack it has some of the best songs on it!

  2. Really nice blog :)


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