Monday, April 16, 2012

The Most Awesome things EVER to be Worn!!!

HIHIHI! I am sooo excited now because on Saturday I went shopping with my cousin and we hit some thrift stores and I got a new top and she gave me a whole bunch of cool clothes that don't fit her anymore! It was really fun! BUT the MOST awesome thing was that we popped into Forever21 AND GUESS WHAT I FOUND????? The most AMAZING bell bottom jeans IN THE WORLD! Observe their amazingness in awe/<Mik ahh franny stop stepping on my laptop....
THEY ARE SOO COOL! sorry the pic won't flip!growly.

They have the cutest little anchor buttons!

Here is one of my cousin's tops she gave me! It's dandelions!
Yes, they are quite amazing, aren't they? I TOLD YOU THEY WERE COOL! Anyways, I really must get to schoolio now....UGH.


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  1. Cute. (And I have also had a picture that refused to flip. It is quite irritating.)


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