Sunday, April 8, 2012

I want blue hair

HI happy Easter! I really want blue hair. My hairdresser says it'll ruin my hair and turn it an ugly copper colour. :( Fortunately, she can get extensions :) that are blue! YAY! I'm happy now. I still wish I could have done my WHOLE head, but I'm still happy about the extensions! I'm getting them later this month! Anyways, this is what I wore yesterday. Right now I'm in yoga pants and a sweater. I also am really hyper from eating chocolate ducks and eggs and bunnies! YAAAAAAAAAAAA! Sorry. It's the candy speaking. ON with the outfits.

Top-Thrifted  Romper-Forever 21 Tights- NO IDEA Booties-  Aldo
 I edited this photo on pic monkey. It's exactly like picnik! I love this picture. It makes me feel happy, even though it's pooky and windy and gray outside. It shows a little more of my room in this one.

Da booties

I love the pattern on this Romper!

I was going to do a room tour today, but all my sheets are in the wash and my bed is rather boring and white looking now. Sometime this week, I promise. Have a good rest of  Easter holidays!!!!



  1. I love your outfit it's so cute and that's really cool about your blue hair extensions. Also, how cool is picmonkey! it's sad that picnik is closing but picmonkey is just the newer cooler version. YAY!

  2. Lovely outfit, super cute blog.



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