Sunday, April 29, 2012


So I FINALLY scanned in some of my collages, after a few days of procrastination. One was too big to scan in, and unfortunately it was my best one. boo-hoo.

Yes, she is saying her bowtie is a camera.

How was your weekend? It's almost over. MEH. I've biked, sat in my room, watched CSI:NY and failed at doing Tavi's beehive. My hair is wayyy to thick and curly, and I can't have bangs or else they'll split in the center. Fortunately, my mother was a child of the 60's and she tried to do a french roll type thing on the back of my head. It kind of reminds me of the women in The Help. Anyways, I shall keep you informed of my hair escapade and show you when I succeed. I got really cute earrings yesterday! They are silver bows with yellow gems in them with a tiny yellow heart hanging off the center! They are very spring like. I have also been making things. I made a pair of in an aeroplane over the sea earrings (header pic) and a cool vintage-y black necklace. I'll show you later. Next time. I promise, children. (ya I know I'm weeiiird.)



  1. nice collage.
    Im trying to do a beehive,too and its frustrating >.<

    anyway,drop by,

  2. Haha, are you trying Tavi's tutorial too? My friend and I were planning on trying it! XD


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