Wednesday, April 25, 2012


It's very cold out. Too cold. My fingers are numb from taking pictures and spending a while outdoors with a flimsy cardigan and no gloves. You: WOW MAREN YOU COMPLAIN A LOT! Me: YES I KNOW! AHH well. I am ok now. Anyways, I (obviously ) went outside and took some photos in my backyard. I think they turned out quite well. Here they are!
Cardigan-Mom  Shirt-hand me down  Dress (worn as skirt)- Topshop  Shoes-Brash 

I know it looks like I'm not wearing a skirt or pants in this one, but TRUST me, I am !

I am planning a post soon about my collages! I just have to get around to scanning them in. I don't have any homework. Maybe I'll go do that after dinner. I will. I probably won't. I am a HUGE procrastinator.




  1. The tights add so much, the color makes me smile like a duck (ducks dont smile... or do they...)!!! really, this outfit is awesome!!

  2. I love your photos they are really artistic and beautiful!!
    p.s you have a massive backyard
    p.p.s Ok that was random

  3. Love the photographs, they're so pretty! Super cute outfit, simple yet fun!
    Thanks for you comment on my blog by the way!
    I love yours, I'm following! Can't wait to see more!

    xx Eva

    1. this feels so spring-ish to me. okay everything feels like spring to me lately. but these pictures really do <3

  4. cool pictures and cute outfit :)


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