Tuesday, March 20, 2012

You're Breaking my Heart

Helllooooo again! I have some LOVELY pictures for everybody! These were taken on Friday, when my Dad and I went a-walking. YES. I am actually wearing PANTS. For once. It was cold on Friday, so I kind of had to.
Top, jeans & scarf- GRG Purse- Forever 21 Boots- Brash
Yes. So. That is me standing on a picnic table looking very posed.

This week at school it is spirit week. Today was "Mad Plaid Day". I wore my long plaid skirt. Only 2 people in our whole school wear skirts. My friend and I. It's hard going to a school with 110 kids! Actually, my friend and I are the ONLY ones who dress differently. Actually, we are the only ones who wear SKIRTS on a regualr basis. Everyone else is into aeropostale, hollister and tna. I mean, sixty bucks for a hoodie is ridiculous. You are paying for a name, not a hoodie. I bet if that hoodie didn't say HOLLISTER on the front with a little bird and a 22 on the sleeve, no one would buy it!


Oh, and do you know how hard it is to ride a bike with a skirt like this?


  1. I love that you've made a fashion blog. You have a lovely and cool style:) Keep Posting!!!


Yay! I like comments. You've made my day. Literally.