Tuesday, March 13, 2012

When I'm by Myself I can be Myself

Hellooooo! I made a DIY! It is about nails. Totally irrelevant to the title, but whatever. So. Here is how to do very unique, pretty nails. I did this on Sunday, but I just haven't gotten around to posting it.
I used OPI Tasmanian Devil Made me do it (a reddish orange)
Paint 2 coats of the polish
 When dry, add pretty designs, like these with a permanent marker.


After that, paint a clear topcoat on so the designs wont wash off. THE END!!!
If you want to see some really cool nails, go to http://stay-goldponyboy.blogspot.com/.

I had an interesting day. It was short. That is very good. I wore my Dad's socks today by accident. I pulled them up high to my knees because they were all bunchy at the bottom. Someone said they looked ridiculous. No, ridiculous looks like sweatpants, a baggy hoodie and slippers. AT LEAST DRESS LIKE YOU CARE PEOPLE. Sorry. Mini rant there. Goodbye!


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